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Beverly Hills Alcohol Treatment Center

Beverly Hills Alcohol Treatment Center

As the leading Beverly Hills alcohol treatment center, 90210 Recovery has worked with clients from all walks of life. This has taught us that no two people are the same. Everybody requires a different combination of programs to help them overcome their addiction, which is why we promise treatment tailored exclusively to your needs.

That being said, there are a few constants in our treatment process that do not change from patient to be patient. We’ll be talking you through them below so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you attend our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center.


Some Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers admit patients no questions asked and immediately force them into programs. This is a recipe for disaster. That’s why each stay in our clinic begins with an evaluation.

During this stage, you’ll meet with a number of licensed professionals. They will examine you both physically and metally to determine your current state of health. If a particularly alarming condition is discovered, rehabilitation may be deferred until it is corrected. Thankfully, this happens only in extremely rare cases.

If you are deemed ready to proceed with your treatment, you will be assigned a caseworker. At 90210 Recovery, we employ the very best of Beverly Hills’ alcohol use therapists, so you can be certain your caseworker will take good care of you throughout the recovery process.

Determining Treatment

Once our professionals have established your physical and mental condition, they will set about crafting a treatment package based on your personal needs. Our in-house professionals are trained in the very finest alcohol rehabilitation techniques, so there is no shortage of programs for you to partake in.

You will, of course, have a say in the treatments you undergo during your time at 90210 Recovery. If you would like to add a spiritual dimension to your rehabilitation, we offer a number of holistic treatments to choose from. These include music therapy, drama classes, and fitness workshops. These optional activities allow us to provide the most comprehensive addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills.

Detoxing And Aftercare

If you are actively consuming alcohol when you come to us, you will have to undergo a detoxing period. Depending on the severity of your withdrawals, this period may occur before your treatment begins or in conjunction with it. Your caseworker will be with you throughout the detoxing process and will administer appropriate doses of medication to relax and comfort you.

Once you have completed your rehabilitation at our Beverly Hills alcohol treatment center, the real work begins. For many, staying sober proves a great deal more difficult than getting sober in the first place. That’s why we introduced our second to none aftercare program.

As you readjust to life outside our clinic, your caseworker will remain in contact with you. They will provide the same love and support you enjoyed in our clinic and will even arrange in-person meetings if necessary.

Contact Us

As the foremost Beverly Hills, Ca rehab center, it is our mission to provide treatment to all those who need it and not just to those who can afford it. Our packages are reasonably priced and we accept most PPO insurance plans. To learn more, contact a 90210 Recovery addiction treatment specialist at 844-462-8571 or visit

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