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Thc Effects

Thc Effects

Growing marijuana plants can be beneficial. Marijuana has different requirements, just like the way you would care for plants. Some people find loads of information online, which are confusing, leaving them wondering how to plant weed seeds in the right way. With more than 2000 marijuana strains out there, so you must choose the right kind of environment and soil if you want the plant to survive.  

How Can I Grow Marijuana Seeds?

After buying your marijuana seeds, it is time to start growing. There are many ways to grow seeds (in soil, in starter plugs, in a wet paper towel). Follow the steps below to learn how to grow marijuana seeds in a wet paper towel.

Use a different dish and flip it over to cover the seeds to form a dark space, and maintain a high humidity to moisturize. This environment is the best for growing weed seeds. 

Things To Avoid When Planting Weed Seeds

Beginners tend to be too keen or too eager to see how the seeds are germinating, leading them to miss out or overdo something that can be harmful to the seedlings. Below are things to avoid if you want your weed seeds to germinate fast.

Choose the Right Seeds

More people are now showing interest in growing and cultivating marijuana plants after the legalization of marijuana in several states. Choosing the right kind of seeds, and knowing the right type of soil and caring environment for the plant is essential. 

The Effect You Want 

People planting marijuana seeds have the option to choose between Indica dominant strain and the Sativa dominant strains. Indica-strains are linked with relaxation while the Sativa-strain may have a mild high as a result of the THC effects. The effects can also vary from person to person; so choose the high level that you want according to the samples you have tried out.

What Next?

Selecting a strain to plant is perhaps the most crucial moment before beginning growing marijuana. There are hundreds of known strains available on the market, and choosing the best one may seem complicated. Are you looking for the best strain? Contact Homegrown Cannabis Co today. 



Thc Effects

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